Dear Evan Hansen's Marrick Smith

“My Connor has been called the scary Connor. There was a certain amount of physical danger that was brought into the room. We weren’t sure if Connor was going to punch his father in the face. And Michael Griest [director] says to me on the first day of rehearsal, ‘What I really love about you in this role is that this is the first time that I feel like Connor might actually hurt someone. The energy that you bring makes me think you tried to punch through your sister’s door screaming that you were going to kill her.’ Ultimately, the only person he ends up hurting is himself, which I think is what vindicates him in the end.”

Dear Evan Hansen

May 27, 2019


Derek Hough

Derek Hough

April 5, 2019

The DWTS and SYTCD alum is touring across the country dancing  in a solo tour.


Jordan Craig

Phantom of the Opera

February 24, 2019

After three years on tour with the same show, Craig knows all there is about the Phantom.

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 8.50.36 PM.png

Emma Cook

Perpetual Mental Battle

March 31, 2019

She's    just graduated from college in three years with two degrees and is  ready to face NYC.

Daniel Quadrino.jpg

Daniel Quadrino

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

January 30, 2019

Quadrino plays the deliciously bratty Mike Teavee in the show's First National Tour.

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