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Brian Shimasaki Liebson

"It’s funny to say this, because it should be obvious, but one thing that we’re really proud about is that every Asian character is played by an actor of Asian descent. It sounds ridiculous that I should have to say that at all, but it’s great that it’s actually true in our cast. In order to do that, they held auditions across the US, Canada, and Manilla. We have international actors who are Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, and Thai. I’m just very happy to do a show that I think currently shows off Asian people not in a racist light anymore. We’ve had some updates with our revival that really give good stories and characters to all the Asian characters in the show. I think it’s something we’re all really proud to share."

Miss Saigon

February 11, 2020

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Robert Ramirez

The Musical Theatre Musician

December 20, 2019

He sings, he dances, he plays ukulele and piano, he juggles cigar boxes, and he does magic.

MMH HS 2.jpeg

Megan Masako Haley

Mean Girls

November 5, 2019

Haley is totally fetch as the "Jewish princess Jesus" Gretchen Weiners.


Telly Leung

Telly Leung Quartet

November 21, 2019

From Aladdin to Angel, Leung is singing his past roles and the songs of his childhood.


Marrick Smith

Dear Evan Hansen

May 27, 2019

Smith's portrayal of the famous Connor Murphy adds a new dangerous element.

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